Fee Schedule

October 2016


Cash Withdrawal                                                  $ 1.50 per occurrence

Transfer                                                                 $ 1.00 per occurrence

Balance Inquiry                                                    $ 1.00 per occurrence

Lost/Stolen/Replacement Card                       $ 5.00

Pin Replacement                                                 $ 5.00

Card Reinstatement                                           $15.00

FDU Debit Card W/D @ FDU ATM     FREE

Debit Card Inactivity Fee                               $5.00/3 months no use


Early W/D Christmas Club                            $5.00 after 1st withdrawal

Excess W/D Vacation Club                          $5.00 after 2nd withdrawal

Money Order                                                   $1.00

Returned Check Deposit                             $40. min (5% face value)

*Dormant Account                                         $5.00 per month                                                            

**Early Account Closing                              $25.00

Incorrect Address Fee                                $1.00 per month

Return Mail Fee                                             $5.00

Excessive savings W/D                               $5.00 after 5/mth

Third Party Check W/D                               $5.00

Password Reset                                           FREE

Monthly Maint   Share Acct only              $1.00

 (no other products/ svcs)   

Home Banking Fee                                     $1.00 FR EE w/E-statements*

                                                                            and checking or loan

Bill Pay Fee++                                             $3.00 FREE w/ E-statements*



NSF Returned Share Draft                       $40.00

NSF Paid Share Draft                                $40.00

NSF Returned ACH                                    $40.00

NSF Paid ACH                                             $40.00

Paid on Uncollected Funds                     $40.00

ACH Exception                                           $40.00

Stop Payment                                             $35.00/6 months

Share Draft photocopy                           $5.00

Overdraft transfer                                    $5.00




Replacement Statement                    $5.00

Research Fees                                     $25.00/hr

Cut off statement                                $1.00 per page



Outgoing Domestic                             $35.00

Outgoing International                      $50.00

Returned wire fee                                $15.00

Incoming Wires                                    FREE



Gift/Travel Card Fee                           $2.50

Travel Card Reload Fee                    $4.00

Other Card Fees                                 see CUmoney



***Inactive Account  Fee                  $35.00

Bad Address Closing Fee                 $35.00

Levy (per occurrence)                      $75.00

Verification of Accounts                   $25.00

Notary Fees                                          FREE

Fedex Fee                                             $35.00




Modification Fee                                    $50.00

Modification Fee/Home Equity         $100.00

Subordination Request                      $50.00

Short Term Loan App Fee                 $20.00

Skip a Pay Fee                                     $20.00

Payoff Request                                    $25.00

Holiday Loan App Fee                        $15.00

Vacation Loan App Fee                     $15.00

 Cash Advance Fees                           greater of $5.00 or 2.00 %

 Credit Cards                                         See separate disclosure 

* Home Banking, Bill Pay, Checking and Debit Card Services are suspended for security reasons after 3 consecutive months of inactivity. All account fees will be reinstated if required services are suspended. Reinstatement fees may apply.


***FDUFCU considers an account dormant if there are no transactions initiated by the member for a period of one year or more.  FDUFCU considers an account inactive if there are no transactions initiated by the member for a period of six months or more. 

If an account is overdrawn for more than 24 hours, or if a Loan is more than 15 days past due, some or all Credit Union services may be suspended.  The Credit Union reserves the right not to reinstate any services suspended for misuse of any account, service or product.


**Accounts will be considered early closing if closed within 6 months of opening.


++You must have home banking and a checking account to use the bill payer service.